About Central Texas Valet

Central Texas Valet provides professional valet parking services for restaurants, hospitals, hotels, private residences, private parties, city events, restaurants, bars, night clubs, country clubs, large-scale community events, small-scale events, and sporting events throughout Texas.

Our management team consists of highly skilled parking professionals with decades of parking experience and know-how that provide “parking solutions” through sound operational protocol, creative automation through state of the art parking equipment and software, as well as risk management mindfulness.

Central Texas Valet’s primary objective is to take care of our customers. We earn trust by serving every client and guest in a reliable, prompt, and accommodating manner. We provide the highest quality service and actively take initiative to surpass expectations.

We help you provide world class customer service to your guests, creating a positive and joyful experience that is replicated again and again.

Central Texas Valet’s insurance is the most extensive in the valet industry. All of our clients are listed on our policy as additionally insured to protect the client from any incidents that could possibly occur. We are committed to sound risk management for all clients’ peace of mind. No other valet company is as committed to safety as Central Texas Valet.

“Central Texas Valet is certainly best of the best. The operation runs smoothly and efficiently. All of my guests were duly impressed with your service from the valets to the greeters to your personal supervision. It was icing on the cake for our perfect day.”

Eric A. Dupre, Financial Advisor
Dupre Financial Group of
Raymond James Associates, Inc.

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