Austin’s Warehouse District

Come back to the Warehouse District!!! Construction is almost over and our valet parking lanes are soon to open again. We look forward to a great next few months with Formula 1 coming to town and the holidays around the corner, this fall should be one the best yet. Count on Central Texas Valet when you are downtown to take excellent care of your vehicle when you park with us. We are glad to be a part of Austin’s Warehouse District! Come park with one of are many locations throughout the city of Austin.

What is Valet Parking?

There are times when parking your own vehicle at an Austin event can prove problematic. Inclement weather can turn the walk from the car to the venue into a torture test, ruining expensive clothing and shoes. There may not be enough available parking near the restaurant or concert hall, meaning a long walk through city streets at night. A driver may be able to drop his or her passengers off at the entrance to a glamorous event, but he or she will still have to make a less glamorous trek from the parking lot afterwards. Because of these concerns, many upscale restaurants and venues in Austin and San Antonio offer valet parking.

Austin Valet parking is a service designed to eliminate the need for customers or guests to park their own vehicles. Visitors drive to an area designated for valet parking and the driver receives a ticket identifying his or her vehicle. A responsible driver employed by the Austin valet service will then drive the car to a monitored parking area. When the guests are ready to leave the event, a valet parking coordinator will retrieve the matching car keys and a driver returns the vehicle.

Many upscale restaurants and clubs offer valet parking as a regular option, since it generates an air of distinction and positive customer service. Other venues may contract valet parking services for special occasions where parking space may be at a premium or guests require VIP treatment. Valet parking employees may be required to wear uniforms and demonstrate a respectful attitude towards their clients.

Valet parking is not always seen as a helpful service. Owners of expensive sports cars or luxury automobiles may not feel comfortable handing over their keys to a young driver, even one in uniform. Valet parking has been portrayed in movies and television shows as an opportunity for employees to take unauthorized joy rides in customers’ vehicles or to take unnecessary risks while parking in questionable spaces. In reality, Central Texas Valet parking employees are fully insured, with years of driving experience.

Happy Guests

In many cases, valet services in Austin are considered a luxury. These services have a proven capacity to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. One of the largest benefits of valet parking is its convenience to your customers. Most often, these valets open the doors of your car, you hand them your keys and are on your way. This is amazing as it saves precious time for your guests. Further, they keep the guests happy by reducing the stress of parking. Seeing the smiling faces and receiving the services of these valets, your guests will always feel welcome.

Private valet services in Austin provide security for your guests. They are specially trained to handle VIP guests and always have a positive attitude. These valets pay special attention to your customers, have a high level of customer service to meet clients’ demands and keep them happy. In simple words, valet services are essential for the growth of your business today. Your guests will certainly remember a congenial welcome and the fact that they do not have to concern themselves with parking at your events. To help give your potential clients a day to remember, it is vital that you contact a trustworthy Austin valet. First impressions always make a difference, so it is important to get courteous and efficient valet services in Austin for your needs.

The smiling faces, helping hands, well mannered and nicely uniformed valets make it easier for you to take care of your guests’ vehicles. You can rest assured that everyone’s vehicles are safe and securely parked, leaving your mind clear to focus on your business event. You can also opt to hire private valet services in Austin to ensure that your clients get the extra care and attention they deserve. In simple words, a professional valet parking service eliminates the stress and hassle associated with your guests’ arrivals and departures, to let you focus on other details of your business event.

A professional Austin valet has all the necessary equipment to ensure smooth parking management. Moreover, in the event of an emergency, they can help guests find their vehicles with ease. These valets prevent your guests from experiencing any difficult moments with respect to parking. When planning any event, hiring these services is a simple solutions that will help to enhance the reputation of your firm by leaving a positive impact on your guests. The best part of these valet services in Austin is that they offer top quality services at extremely affordable prices.

There are numerous providers of business valet parking or event valet parking Austin on the worldwide web. An apt search is necessary to ensure that you get the finest deals at cost effective rates. A reputed firm will provide you with safe, organized, trusted and hassle free parking services. Looking for all of these elements when choosing a Austin valet service, will help make the decision easier. For your next event, do not forget to contact a reputed valet service such as Central Texas Valet. The value of these valet services will lift the class of your event and your company’s reputation in the eyes of your guests.

Statesman Article about Trulucks!

When Claudia Pérez steps into Truluck’s Seafood, Steak and Crab House, she’s walking into more than just its cool, dimly lighted lounge to enjoy the happy-hour specials, the relaxed atmosphere and the “super-friendly” bartenders and servers. She’s relishing the ambiance, cuisine and superior service that are the hallmarks of a restaurant whose employees have voted it one of Austin’s best places to work.

Employees of Truluck’s, which ranks first in the midsize business category in the American-Statesman’s 2011 Top Workplaces project, say the company invests heavily in their training and goes above and beyond to reward top performers. The company has its own constitution espousing its commitments to its employees and customers, stating that its mission is “to provide the best work experience of all our employees’ lives, to ensure their prosperity, and promote personal development.”

“They treat their employees just as importantly as they do their customers,” said Jaden Harper, a hostess and one of about 60 employees at Truluck’s downtown Austin location.

Teamwork, said bartender Benjamin Cantey, “is a vital part of what we do.”

“You can’t work here if you don’t operate as a team,” Cantey said.

The privately held chain, founded by Patti Turner and Stuart Sargent in 1992, has 11 locations in Texas, Florida and La Jolla, Calif. Truluck’s even purchased its own fishery in Naples, Fla., to ensure fresh delivery of its signature item, Florida stone crab, within 24 hours of being harvested.

Jennifer Huddleston, a server and trainer at the Warehouse District location, said the restaurant is the most professional one she has worked at in her 10 years in the industry.

“We focus on integrity in our products and service, which is the glue that holds our success together,” said Huddleston, a three-year employee.

Truluck’s service is a byproduct of the importance it places on training its people, Huddleston and other employees say. Waiting tables requires a minimum of six years experience as a server, as well as stints at the host stand, the food line and the bar operation to learn all aspects of the operation. Then there are four days of hands-on training with a server followed by a mock session with a manager that must be passed before being put on the server schedule. The training process, said Huddleston, “is often referred to as information overload, and it is nearly impossible to learn everything in just two weeks,” she said.

In addition, employees periodically are required to not only take menu tests to check their knowledge, but also must take culinary quizzes, Huddleston said.

“The things we need to know as servers are far beyond what you would imagine. u2026 It is important to know everything we can about the products we feature in order to earn the trust of our customers.”

Andrew Penridge is the maitre d’ at Truluck’s — a position he says the company created for him after he left to try out law school, then returned. “They worked with me to find a spot where I can thrive and give back to the company as well,” said Penridge, whose job entails calling every customer the following day to inquire about their dining experience.

Penridge describes the company culture as “meritocracy” that recognizes and rewards its top performers. That can mean everything from gifts to scheduling preferences to — in the case of Truluck’s chef Joe Prior — use of a company auto. Twice a year, the owners close the restaurant and treat employees and their families to a celebration at a special location.

Penridge said Truluck’s places high importance on an open-door communication policy, one of the guiding tenets in its constitution. Employees are encouraged to speak to managers about any issue they may have, to nip it in the bud before it can create a tension-filled environment, Penridge said. If a problem isn’t resolved at the manager level, an employee can go higher, to speak with the restaurant’s operating partner. Allowing contact with a range of higher-ups in the corporation also helps build relationships, which in turn can help employees advance in the company , Penridge said. Nine of the 11 general managers/managing partners started their Truluck’s careers as servers, including the downtown general manager, Riley Hutton.

Employees are evaluated every six months, and are given “the opportunity to express who we believe are the best team supporters, and also some folks that are maybe not meeting expectations.”

But it’s done in a constructive manner, Penridge said.

“It’s not about pointing fingers, it’s about trying to better ourselves collectively,” Penridge said.

Prior said Truluck’s also places a priority on fixing equipment when it’s broken — “even if they don’t make budget.”

“They view it as an investment for the building,” he said, reciting a management slogan that “the proper tool does the proper job.”

Benjamin Grieser, a server, said he’s waited tables at a lot of places, but at Truluck’s “I’m really learning how a restaurant can run well.”

“It blows other places out of the water,” Grieser said. “I’ve never worked at a place with so much support from management. This place is the hardest — and most rewarding — of any place I’ve worked. At the end of the night, I feel like I’ve accomplished heroic things.”

Rival’s Steakhouse

Austin’s valet service is pleased to add Rival’s Steakhouse to their list of clients! Come visit us at 311 East 5th Street in Austin.

New Client

Central Texas Valet began servicing North Austin Medical Center’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Center with the best valet parking service in the industry. We are proud to add them to our list of clients and look forward to helping this new addition to their hospital grow.

Employee iPod Nano

Central Texas Valet employees win and ipod nano:

Whatever employee raises the most money through the month of April for Autism Speaks gets a Ipod Nano. Ask Corey for more details.

Going Above and Beyond

With its customer-focused, extended services, Central Texas Valet goes above and beyond the traditional duties of a car-parking company. Central Texas Valet often provides its professional parking and car storage services for special events like weddings and galas. Distinguished by its professionalism and broad capabilities, Central Texas Valet has worked on massive events like the Austin Long Center for the Performing Arts opening gala, for which it provided 75 onsite valets. For this and every event, Central Texas Valet engages in copious preparation, making sure to visit event sites beforehand, and dressing appropriately in either formal attire or more relaxed, casual clothing based upon the needs of the client. Besides its work in special events, Central Texas Valet also collaborates with hospitals to improve customer experience and satisfaction. With the intention of making each visit to the hospital as hassle-free as possible, Central Texas Valet can help new arrivals with much more than parking cars. Transporting luggage, providing wheelchair assistance, and imparting hospital information are just a few of the services the companys professionals can offer before they park cars. For companies in Texas, advertising with Central Texas Valet provides a great opportunity to associate with a respected, quality business. Offering both internal and external signs, Central Texas Valet can place an ad or logo on one of their podiums, located in areas that have the most traffic of any valet stations in Austin and San Antonio. Central Texas Valet also provides advertising space on its website,, as well as on the tickets left in customers vehicles. Ambitious companies who want real marketing impact can even leave branded gifts such as bottled water, pens, and coupons in cars.

Hospital Gala

Central Texas Valet is looking forward to providing valet parking services for Dell Children’s Annual Gala at the Convention Center tomorrow. This will be our forth year working this great event. This is the type of event that gets better and better every year.